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Leg Pain Specialist

Tom Macek, MD -  - Board Certified Pain Management & Board Certified Anesthesiology

Tom Macek, MD

Board Certified Pain Management & Board Certified Anesthesiology located in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Persistent leg pain can slow you down and make it difficult to focus on anything else. Dr. Tom Macek offers thorough diagnostic and treatment services for leg pain and has helped men and women in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, find relief. If you want to alleviate your leg pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Macek to discuss treatment options. Online scheduling makes it easy to find a time that fits your life, or you can reach the office by phone.

Leg Pain Q&A

What are some common causes of leg pain?

There are times when the source of your leg pain is readily apparent, like being involved in a car accident or experiencing muscle strain after a challenging workout. In other instances, leg pain is harder to diagnose.

Some leg pain is caused by structural issues within your hip, knee, or ankle joints. Osteoporosis and stress fractures can also cause significant leg pain.  

Undue pressure on certain nerves can make your legs ache. Sciatica is one common explanation. It occurs when an issue in your spine puts pressure on your sciatic nerve.

Vein abnormalities can lead to leg pain, as can many types of arthritis. Your discomfort can also be due to muscle strain or damage to tendons or ligaments. Even problems in your spine can lead to leg pain, a condition known as referred pain.

How is leg pain diagnosed?

Dr. Macek begins every diagnostic effort by discussing your symptoms and health history. Be prepared to address when your pain occurs, where it is located, How frequently it occurs, and which position you’re in when it begins, worsens, or lessens.  

It’s also helpful to discuss your health history and any previous issues with pain. Dr. Macek performs a physical exam to check for signs of tenderness, nerve damage, and joint pain. He might suggest an ultrasound or other imaging to get to the bottom of your leg pain.

How can I soothe leg pain at home?

If your pain is mild or moderate, you can take several approaches to finding relief at home. Over-the-counter pain medications can alleviate leg pain, but it’s important to understand that taking these medications for lengthy periods of time can cause serious health issues.
Rest, applying ice and compression to the area, and elevating the affected leg can help treat leg pain. Your body may just need time to heal. However, if your leg pain is severe or persistent after you’ve tried these self-care techniques, schedule an appointment with Dr. Macek and explore treatment options. You can book your visit online or by phone.