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Learn How Spinal Cord Stimulation Can Reduce Back Pain By 50%

The spinal cord stimulator (SCS) is a gadget designed to reduce back and chronic pain. It is surgically put under the skin of the person suffering from back pain.

It sends a gentle electric current to the spinal cord and eliminates pain. It does this by substituting pain with relatively pain-free sensations. SCS is one of the most modern and innovative techniques around.

It has benefited the healthcare industry in a number of ways and it has also provided the solution to probably the most troublesome pain related issues experienced.

Gone are the days when people with issues in their spinal cord were deemed untreatable and had to take medications continuously for temporary relief.  

If the central nervous system or the peripheral nervous system linked to the spinal cord is affected due to an illness, injury or trauma, neuropathic pain occurs. It can torment oneself.

It leads to increased sensation of pain, above and beyond what one normally experiences. The extreme pain in the back side of the body disables the person from moving, let alone doing any other physical activity.

SCS treats neuropathic pain. This includes including post-laminectomy syndromecomplex regional pain, and syndrome diabetic neuropathy. It is, in fact, the most effective and efficient treatment for these three problems.

One thing is certain for people all around the world. Pain is unacceptable and intolerable. The issue with back pain is that it leads to consistent pain. This is an even bigger problem. SCS provides a solution to it and helps people get on with their everyday life.

How does SCS help pain?

A little wire conveys the current from a pulse generator to the neurons in the spinal cord. When the SCS is switching on it stimulates the nerve fibers in the particular area where the pain is felt.

Before permanently installing an SCS device, there is a trial period.

During this period, the compatibility and effectiveness of the device with the patient are checked. The length of the trial period varies. Doctors have to make sure that it is the perfect fit for people suffering from back pain before they persist with it.

At the same time, patients check whether or not they are comfortable with it. In order to check it they go on with their daily life and engage in different activities.

If the trial is a success and patients along with doctors are satisfied, then a permanent SCS device is implanted. It must be known that SCS kills the pain and allows  the patients to be in charge.

It comes with a remote control, which can change the current intensity from zero to the maximum level. The patient can react according to the intensity of the pain by choosing the appropriate current level. This helps to nullify the pain.

The biggest advantage of SCS is that it helps provide relief to people by lowering the pain up to fifty percent and makes it more manageable for them. Since the framework of SCS is versatile, people with back pain can easily engage in activities like cycling, training, and swimming.

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