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5 Herbal Remedies for Neck Pain

The neck is an important part of the human body. It is a delicate organ that needs to be given adequate care and attention. The neck has muscles that serve as connectors. These connectors help in the integration of some sensitive body functions like breathing, movement, balance as well as vision. Hence, the neck is a very delicate organ. The neck area has seven cervical vertebrae. It is in this area that neck pain occur. This is because the neck is most times not guarded with care, and this leads to injuries.

There have been different treatments that address the issue of neck pain. One which is most effective is the use of herbal remedies. Herbal remedies have been in existence for thousands of years now. It makes use of the gifts of nature to tackle the problem of neck pain. These herbs have proven effective and many doctors now recommend them for their patient. They can be taken in form of pills, inhaled as aromatherapy, brewed and taken as a tea, applied on the skin as cream or ointment, added to bathwater etc. This article discusses 5 herbal remedies that have proved effective in the treatment of neck pain.

1. Devils Claw

This is a shrub with many bright red flowers. It has miniature hooks, hence, the name devil’s claw. This shrub which is a native of southern Africa comes in either powder or pill form. A lot of research is on-going on the use of this plant in treating neck pain. It has already been discovered that it helps in relieving low back and neck pain.

2. Kudzu

This is a plant that the Chinese use in treating neck pain and inflammation. It is taken in either pill or powder form. It acts like estrogen when taken in this form. Hence, people with hormone-sensitive cancers should avoid it. Those taking oral medication for diabetes should also avoid taken kudzu.

3. Menthol and Camphor

Menthol and camphor are common ingredients in many analgesic muscle pain balms. They can be used in their distilled oil or cream form. They help to increase blood circulation in the affected area when rubbed on the skin. This increased blood circulation, in turn, produces a cool and warm sensation that relaxes the skin. Its effect is known to last for several hours.

4. St. John’s Wort

This is one of the most popular among the herbal products in the US. It is employed in the treatment of many different conditions, including depression. It is available in both pill and powder form. It can also be brewed and taken as a tea. St. John’s Wort is known to ease pain and is particularly helpful in nerve pain relief because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended that you take this herb through the guidance of Dr. Tom Macek as it is known to interact with many medications.

5. Lavender

Since ancient times, people have been making use of the fragrant flowers that are found on the lavender bush for different medicinal purposes. They are now been used as massage oils and aromatherapy in the treatment of neck and low back pain.

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