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5 Remedies For Better Sleep and To Avoid Neck Pain

Neck aches can be more of a nuisance than pain because when your neck is aching there is always a dull ache in your shoulders and slight heavy feeling in your head.

Also, if your neck ache is persistent, you start having difficulty moving your arms which ultimately leads to splitting headaches.

Many times there is nothing seriously wrong with your neck, only that the muscles of the neck are stiff and this creates difficulty in movement. Many times it is our own posture and lying habits that affect our neck and result in pain.  

Below are 5 remedies that can help in getting rid of the neck pain and also induce comfort.

The tips are given below:

Simple exercising:

It is important to do a few simple exercises before going to bed. This will help in reducing the stiffness in the neck muscles and induce relaxation.

Take a hot shower:

The shower does not have to be steamy hot, but a warmer water can help in reducing the pain and release the stiffness in the neck muscles. Also, using a heating pad for your neck can help reduce pain and release the tension in neck muscles.

Using a feather pillow or a soft pillow:

A soft pillow actually helps in making the head have a soft landing spot. Feather pillows allow the pillow to take the shape of the head of the sleeper and hence provides comfort.

Avoiding high or stiff pillows:

Keeping your head high up while sleeping will make your neck muscles stiff and stretch beyond their natural limits. This will cause discomfort and cause neck aches which will ultimately cause discomfort and uneasiness.

High pillows strain your neck muscles and the overstretching results in serious but constant dull ache. Similarly, stiff pillows can also cause undue pressure on our necks and stress the muscles.

Balms and ointments can help:

Applying balms and ointments before going to bed can actually help in relieving the tension in the neck muscles and reduce pain. This can also help in inducing a comfortable sleep since the muscles would be relaxed.

Ice packs and hot packs can also help in reducing neck discomfort as they help relieve the pains in our muscle by increasing the blood flow.

Alternating between the hot packs and cold packs can help massage the veins and help the muscles release the buildup of toxins. This relaxes the muscles greatly and ensures reduction of discomfort in the neck.

Neck pain many times occurs because of our posture. We hurt our neck muscles unknowingly by our own habits. We also tend to neglect specific exercises that can help in reducing neck stiffness and discomfort.

If we start focusing on improving our lifestyle and the way we treat our bodies our body would be in lesser discomfort. Getting professional massages can also help release tension in the muscles and bring comfort.

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